Product Care

Product Care

Tipino products are all handmade. They all are cadmium, lead and nickel free and come with the embossed metal Tipino tag or branded paper tag to ensure authenticity.

Here are some important tips to help you keep your jewellery looking its best:

Keep it away from anything that could cause the plating to react. This includes soap, perfume, moisturiser, washing up liquid, cosmetics; anything containing chemicals that will tarnish the finish of the item. Salt water and chlorine have the same effect, avoid wearing your jewellery whilst bathing and swimming.

Try not to get your jewellery wet, and never use detergents or cleaners on your items.

Store your jewellery individually. Ideally, keep items in their original boxes, or if stored in a jewellery box, make sure they aren’t touching other items. Storing jewellery next to other items can cause chipping, scratching or stone loss.

Avoid extreme humidity, heat and sunlight as this may cause tarnishing.

Don’t leave your jewellery uncovered as this leaves it exposed to chemicals in the air such as air fresheners and perfumes.

Don’t sleep in your jewellery, this can be extremely damaging if you do it frequently. Your body releases chemicals from the skin during the night and this can cause the plating to change colour and tarnish. Stone loss and scratching can happen overnight too.

Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean as they can cause scratching. If you want to keep your jewellery shining bright you can give it a gentle polish with a very soft, clean cloth.