04 Sep 2018

Tipino jewellery has the human touch. It has heart, character and personality – just like the Tipino woman. With every piece made lovingly by hand, you can be certain that your new favourite accessories are truly one of a kind.

From the initial design drawing to the final flourish on our bracelets, necklaces and earrings, each hand-made piece has had love and energy poured into it. The time taken to craft an initial idea into something beautiful that we know you’re going to love is an investment that we’re happy to make. It’s our job to ensure that all the pieces that are lucky enough to end up in your jewellery box have been carefully created with a story behind them.

Our essence is 100% Italian, but it was our travels around the world that formed our initial inspiration. When we decided to channel that inspiration into the kind of jewellery that we’d always sought to find for ourselves, we made quality and style our highest priorities. And we think it shows. We wanted to create a jewellery line that was for women just like us; dynamic, passionate and strong-minded. Women who are standout, special and who deserve jewellery that’s as unique as they are. That's why we decided to work with a family-run business that focus on smaller-scale production and hand-craftmanship rather than machine manufacturing. This choice ensures that each piece is one of a kind with its own distinct characteristics.

What others may see as imperfections, we see as individuality. Human beings, for example, are all made up of the same combination of muscle, bones and consciousness, yet we are gloriously different from one another. Tipino jewellery is exactly the same. All our collections are crafted from the same nickel-free materials (with gorgeous embellishments of course) and are brought to life from the same Italian designs, yet they’re all ever so slightly individual – and it’s these small but distinct differences that make them truly stunning.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means you can be completely confident that whichever Tipino piece you deem your favourite is not only bang on trend, but has been crafted by expert hands with not a machine in sight. Even better; no two are exactly alike, making yours totally unique. We love that about our collections and we hope you do too. Click here to shop Tipino and begin your journey to beautiful jewellery that captures who you are and showcases it to the world in style.

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