The symbols behind the style

09 Feb 2019
The symbols behind the style

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a symbol can say even more. Whether you’re naturally drawn to a particular icon or intentionally seek it out, the symbols we display as fashion pieces tell a story to the world. It’s no accident that the ones you’ll find delightfully embellishing Tipino jewellery are all about strength, passion and fun; perfectly capturing the essence of the Tipino woman – you, us, her. You might think of that bracelet or necklace as simply a pretty piece that would look amazing with your new LBD (…and trust us, it will) but it’s so much more than that. Read on to discover some of our favourite symbols and what they really mean.


    When designing our logo, we sought to find a symbol that embodied the Tipino woman. It took little time before we landed on the turtle: an ancient and elegant sea creature that has determination in spades and is an icon for wisdom, independence and freedom. Against incredible odds, the turtle continues on its journey through life, unwaveringly committed to its chosen path. Slow moving on land yet swift and agile in the water, the turtle is adaptable and persistent with an incredible amount of mental strength and a hard shell that represents perseverance and self-protection. Does that sound like Tipino to you? We thought so too. To channel the turtle’s strength in style, check out our pretty Turtle & Flower Bracelet or the mismatching earrings that we just can’t get enough of!


      Many meanings have been linked to the triangle symbol, but when it comes to Tipino, we love the idea that the three points on a triangle refer to a woman’s three secret sources of power: intellect, love and strength. Balance and creativity are other ideas associated with the triangle, which when pointed downwards in a symbol known as the ‘chalice’, is further thought to reflect femininity and water. Flip the shape over to face upwards, and the triangle becomes a symbol sometimes referred to as the ‘blade’ and associated with masculinity, ambition and fire. Whatever way you wear it and whichever meaning speaks to you most, this is a symbol that’s all about empowerment; something all of you standout Tipino women deserve. Our Tipino triangle favourites are the bold yet beautifully delicate Triangle Necklace (available in gold or silver) and the Triangle Earrings to really show off your femininity.


        Playful and cartoon-like, the ladybird is a small insect that leads a vibrant and colourful life. People drawn to this symbol are said to have a spirited personality and live life to the fullest. They have an endearingly inquisitive nature and are forever seeking to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Wearing this symbol is said to inspire a life of joy, luck and prosperity. Sound good? Who are we kidding, of course it does! If you haven’t seen our XX Collection yet, don’t miss the Four Leaf Clover & Ladybird necklace and earrings – the symbol fits you to a tee and we just know you’re going to love them.



          A quick glance up at the night sky reveals more stars than you can count, filling you with a feeling of awe and wonder. Each and every one is unique and shines brightly of its own accord further away than you can fathom; sometimes even shooting across the sky and instilling hope and optimism in us all. Stars are held together by nothing but the power of their own gravity, making them the ultimate symbol of independence and self-reliance. We have an entire line of ethereal star-decorated jewellery across our collections, like the longline double-layered Star Necklace, the delicate Star Bracelet and the Swarovski crystal-embellished Star Earrings.


            Conjuring up thoughts of drifting daydreams and stirred imaginations, clouds are a symbol for new ideas and abstract thinking. They come and go with the wind; moving fast then slow, but always steady. Just like all of us Tipino women, the cloud has a certain mystery about it; hiding all sorts of enigmatic secrets within. ‘Floating on cloud nine’ is a saying for when we are at our happiest with not a care in the world, and our pretty Cloud Necklace is the perfect way to channel this lovely spiritual idea everyday. Wear it with the delicate Sky Bracelet, available in silver or gold.


              A girly shape that is the decoration of choice for many a school notebook (it certainly was for us!), the heart is a universal symbol for love, compassion and affection. And it’s not new either. Medieval and Renaissance art used the heart even then to depict sincere adoration. Its shape is believed to come from ancient philosophers such as Aristotle who took a more literal approach; a representation of the human body’s life centre – the heart – that they believed was made up of three chambers rather than the four we know it to have today. In jewellery, the heart shape lends a sweet, feminine vibe to any piece, particularly those that glint and glitter in the sunlight thanks to the glorious addition of Swarovski crystals. Show someone (or yourself) that you care with the Sparkle Heart Bracelet and Sparkle Heart Earrings.

                Evil eye:

                It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul and that by gazing into another’s eyes you can see their true self. The exception? The evil eye. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the evil eye is an ancient hypnotic symbol that when worn, is believed to protect the wearer from negativity and ward off bad vibes, envy and wickedness; leaving only positivity and contentment in their place. It’s a popular jewellery symbol around the world, yet its meaning is rarely talked about. When you know it though, its somewhat mesmerising quality makes it an even more fascinating choice. Spoil yourself with two of our top picks: the Evil Eye & Lip Necklace and earrings to channel all of the happy vibes with zero negativity.


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